Corporate and LLC Breakups
& Shareholder Oppression LAW

A large part of Zach’s practice involves corporate and LLC breakups/divorces and related shareholder oppression and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Zach has handled extensive litigation on behalf of majority owners in LLCs and other corporations to buy out minority owners for misconduct or to enforce the terms of an operating agreement. Zach also represents minority owners in disputes for wrongful termination, oppression, and mishandling of corporate assets. We have the experience to help resolve ownership buyouts when other shareholders/members are disputing the manner of the buyout. Examples of claims include:

  • when majority owners only make decisions in their own interest while suppressing minority owner votes and interests;
  • when majority owners use leverage to breach agreements in violation of minority owner rights; 
  • when minority owners are excluded from management decisions;
  • when majority owners use corporate assets for personal gain.
  • when owners have a dispute on buyout of ownership interests.

If you’re a majority owner being accused of misconduct or a minority owner that believes your company is being mismanaged, contact us at (864) 743-8900 to discuss your rights and options.

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